The police may have quit…

The museum may have given up…


We are a group of concerned art lovers led by art theft experts Anthony Amore in the United States and Vicki Oliveri in Australia who refuse to abandon the van Mieris self-portrait A Cavalier.

Somewhere out there, A Cavalier is sitting in a basement, a crawl space, a storage facility, or some other hiding place.  And just as we know it is still out there, we also know that there are people out there–perhaps just a handful–who know exactly where it is.

The culprits cannot sell it. It’s too hot, too well-known.  It’s worthless to the them.  After more than four years, they now know they’ve stolen a problem, not a painting.

There is an answer to this problem.

1. If you know the whereabouts of the painting A Cavalier by Frans van Mieris, you can email us anonymously at  You can tell us where it is, or make arrangements for us to retrieve it with no questions asked.

2. You can email us or leave comments with tips, leads, suspicions, theories…anything to help find this lost masterpiece.


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